Why teach English in Vietnam…

Many teachers find a job in Vietnam before making the move and there are three clear routes into teaching once you have your TEFL qualification:

Find a year-long salaried contract with a large Vietnamese language school.
Work for yourself and teach private lessons at an hourly rate.
Take a fully supported short-term TEFL training program, like the Vietnam Internship.

Offers some of the most attractive teaching positions in Vietnam in conjunction with international and governmental organizations. Positions are generally located in major cities where teachers work in a friendly and supportive environment.

Teaching English in Vietnam is rapidly gaining popularity as a destination for those teaching English abroad due to a number of factors: the fascinating culture, colorful markets, tropical climate and friendly people are just part of the appeal.

There are pros and cons to each of these options! The year-long contract with the language school will pay well but requires a degree of commitment and a high level TEFL certificate, working for yourself will allow a great work life balance but can be insecure and the internship provides a short term, well paid opportunity to teach English in Vietnam but comes with an initial cost.

ESL jobs in Vietnam involve a full range of instructional activities including English instruction, student counselling, staff development and curriculum development. The age of students range from children (7-15 years of age) to adults (16-50) years of age.

Stretching up the coast of the South China Sea and bordering three other countries, Vietnam serves as a hub for backpackers, travelers and English teachers. However, this country is badly in need of English speakers to tutor both adults and children, as a third of the population lives under the poverty line and English is a huge advanta

Teaching English in Vietnam is what many people have in mind when they take a TEFL course with i-to-i. This is due in part to the high TEFL salary and the low cost of living in this beautiful country.

It’s great for TEFL teachers in Vietnam because…

Yes, there is a huge demand for English teachers in Vietnam. Yes, you can live comfortably here as a TEFL teacher, but this isn’t the only thing that draws people to teach English in Vietnam.

This beguiling country has everything from a stunning coastline, majestic mountains, amazing food and every which way you turn is a photo opportunity; do we have to say more? The majority of positions in Vietnam are teaching children from 5-15 in either a private language school, or state school; and all you’ll need is an accredited TEFL certificate and a degree to secure a job.

One of the main drivers for the demand for English Teachers in Vietnam is the National Foreign Languages Project, which is a government initiative which has the aim of majority of Vietnam’s students being able to use English confidently by 2020. This means that English is definitely an educational priority